Register For Curb And Arro! - E-Hail App Q&A

Which E-Hail Apps did the city select?

The city selected two apps: Curb and Arro

Can I use both apps or do I have to pick one?

Drivers can register for both apps. Currently neither company can dispatch rides to 100% of the cabs on the road, but both are working with affiliations to allow drivers to receive e-hail dispatches.

How much will the apps charge and how will I get paid?

Curb charges drivers 3% plus a $1 per ride “service fee”. Arro charges drivers 4%

Both companies cashier drivers through the affiliations, so you will be paid the same way that you are paid for any credit card transaction.

Do I need to download a driver app?

No, neither company has a driver app. E-hail ride requests are dispatched via the Gandalf or Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). If a taxi has a MDT that does not currently dispatch ride requests, the affiliation will need to update software to allow for ehail dispatches.

Can customers use both apps right now?

The Curb customer app is currently available free to customers on the Apple store and on Google Play. Arro plans to launch its customer app sometime in February.

How do I register?

Taxicab drivers may register directly on-line for both or one of the follow- ing CHICABS program approved APPS:

ARRO ( Register at
CURB ( Register at