Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 Protest Injustices At Hyatt Regency Hotel

CHICAGO – As a result of the disrespectful treatment drivers face at the hands of Hyatt Regency hotel management, Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 members staged a protest on Thursday, September 3rd, successfully closing off the cab stand outside the hotel, and encouraging fellow drivers to go elsewhere during the protest.

“While licensed professional drivers like myself wait outside the Hyatt Regency for an hour or more, the hotel routinely ushers guests into unregulated rideshare services like UberX and Lyft.  Drivers for these companies do not have the training, background checks or commercial liability insurance that licensed cab drivers like myself retain prior to getting our chauffeur license” said Godwin Anetekhai, a Chicago cab driver and Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 member.

“The Hyatt Regency should be encouraging their guests to utilize safe, reliable transportation services, and should know better than to urge passengers to use a service like UberX, where it’s anyone’s guess whether the driver has undergone a legitimate background check.  It puts the public’s safety at risk, and undermines our ability to provide for our families” continued Anetekhai.

“The Hyatt Regency has also been one of the worst when it comes to bribery, where instead of waiting in the cab stand, the hotel staff solicit bribes, and give out fares to the highest bidder.  It’s dishonest and it must stop” added Anetekhai.

A contingent of Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 members attempted to meet with Hyatt Regency management but were told there wasn’t a manager on duty who could address their concerns.