Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 Owner/Operator Update

The devastating impact of the city’s double standard for taxis and TNPs/Uber affects every driver on the road, but owner operators face specific problems. CDU/AFSCME members are working together to find solutions. A group of owner-operator CDU members met earlier this month to identify what long- term and short-term changes might provide a lifeline in hard times while building for the bigger reforms needed to allow for fair competition. On Wednesday, January 27th, a delegation of members brought the list of demands to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of BACP which included:

·Reducing the obstacles the city creates that prevent owner operators from leasing during off time

·Reducing the burdensome inspection standards that cost owner operators hundreds of dollars in fines

·Making sure the city e-hail app is truly universal and available to all taxis

·Play an active role in bringing medallion lenders to the table to negotiate loan modifications for struggling medallion owners

CDU/AFSCME has a comprehensive plan to build the support we need to end the city’s unfair rideshare rules through community, political and driver action.

Do you have other ideas? Join CDU/AFSCME today to stand up for our profession and be part of the solution!