Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 Makes History

Following decades of being treated like second-class citizens by the City of Chicago, Chicago cab drivers took the historic step today, forming their own local union, the first in 30 years in Chicago.

Over 150 drivers attended Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500’s inaugural meeting at Malcolm X College, becoming full dues-paying members, and pledging to continue the fight for a level playing field with TNPs, continue to build power to demand the respect they deserve as ambassadors of the city, and provide residents and visitors with the safe and professional service they expect from professional cab drivers.

“By chartering our union local with AFSCME, we’re expanding upon the strength we’ve built over the last year; with thousands of drivers signing on to stand together with one united voice, to build the power we need in order to provide permanent solutions to the struggles drivers face every day” said Nnamdi Uwazie, a Chicago cab driver, and Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 founding member.

“The days where the City of Chicago feels they can treat us like we don’t matter and make decisions that affect us and our passengers without our input are over” added Ezz Abdelmagid, a fellow Chicago cab driver and founding member of Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500.

What Are The Benefits Of Membership?

  • Free legal consultation
  • Free attorney representation for serious cases/license denials
  • Access to Driver Advocates and Driver Advocate training
  • Discounted legal assistance on non-work related matters
  • Discounted legal representation on traffic and Medallion-holder cases
  • Fly ticket monitoring service
  • Workers compensation information and enrollment assistance
  • Health and safety trainings
  • Comprehensive accident insurance Medical/dental/prescription discount plan
  • Access to bank and credit union accounts
  • Crime victim advocacy
  • Tax return preparation
  • Financial planning and education
  • Lease violation advocacy
  • Affordable healthcare

How To Sign Up:

  • Click the link to sign up for membership.
  • Make sure to enter your chauffeur number.
  • Under “Payment Information”, click the drop down box that says “Recurs” and select “Recurring Billing”.
  • Under “Billing Frequency” click “First of the Month”, “Specific Day of the Month” or “Last of the Month”
  • If you chose “Specific Day of the Month”, select the date you would like your dues to be deducted each month.
  • Enter your credit card information into our SECURE form.
  • Have questions? Call Cab Drivers United/AFSCME Local 2500 at 312-641-6060 ext 4349.