Cab Drivers United - AFSCME to BACP: Take Action Now!

There’s a lot that needs fixing in Chicago’s cab industry – but there are some things BACP can do now. At the Thursday, July 31 BACP taxi town hall meeting we told Commissioner Maria Guerra Lapacek she has the authority to take actions now that would lower lease rates, reduce credit card fees and clean up rules, fines and enforcement.

Simple steps that are within her power that can put more money in cab drivers’ pockets immediately. She agreed with CDU that she could provide drivers with some immediate relief.

Among the immediately actionable items CDU-AFSCME drivers raised at the town hall meeting were:

  • A review of lease rates, which increased dramatically in 2012, and subsequent charges cab companies add on to the cost

  • Reducing the exorbitant credit card fees charged to drivers

  • Reformed rule enforcement clearly defining offenses, instituting fair penalties, and holding rideshare operations to the same standards

  • Allot some of the ad revenue companies receive for advertising on the cabs leased by the drivers